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Temporary Office Assistance

Workplace (Min. 4 Hours)

or Remote

Is your in box full? Are things a little behind in your office?

 We may be able to help, in the work place or remote.

 Describe your need in the message box to the right, we will contact you to let you know if we can help.

Zoom Interviews Available.

Home Base is Irvine, CA

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Firearm Training Business Assistance

Building A Women's Division

An established firearm training school, was looking for a way to grow their business.

After sitting through several classes, obserivng students, it was very obvious the women needed their own class. Most (not all) women came to a firearm training class because their husband / boyfriend wanted them to go. With glazed looks and little understanding, most women just endured the class. The answer was clear, a women's divison was needed.

A female instructor was hired, women specialized education was taken, licenses were obtained and the women's divison started in October of 2021. Now, a year later, there is a women's basic, intermediate, and advanced class, in addition, the starting of a women's shooting league.

May 20201 - Present

Essential Business Assistance

Office Manager Assistance

A fast paced, fast growing electrical business, that did not have systems in place to keep up with their growth, is now current and ready for expansion.

Assisting the office manager with 9 electricians, putting new systems into place, was a challenge. With everyone working together, adding a Quickbooks program, and renovating the data base, this electric company is virtually paperless. The accounts payable, receivable and human resources department now runs effectivley and efficiently.

November 2018 - May 2021

Medical Office Assistance

Office Manager Assistance

One office manager, one physician, one technician and one management system in place, the doors opened.

Today, this medical office is a mulit-physcian, multi-technician establisment that runs efectively and effciently. Being able to put systems into place before they started growing, made it easier to have a paperless office that manages scheduling, medical records, billing, insurance verifications and autorizations, all on line.

July 2016 - November 2018

Other Office Assistance Experience

Real Estate Offices

Home Lenders


Networking Event Business'

Direct Sales Business'

Health Insurance Offices

Payroll Office


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